Project Management

Every project in whatever sector it might be in has four basic interrelated elements. For it to be deemed successful its Project Manager must simultaneously manage the resources, time, money, and most importantly, scope. Each effectively managed and together managed as a whole .


    • Resources
      People, equipment, material
    • Time
      Task durations, dependencies, critical path
    • Money
      Costs, contingencies, profit
    • Scope
      Project size, goals, requirements

    Needless to say, a successful project mainly depends on the skill-set the project manager possesses… These qualities do not always come-by easily, whilst some of them require years of training and experience; others are plainly a talent which cannot be learnt since they boil down to natural disposition.

    We at VH Solutions have been responsible for the delivery of numerous projects ranging in both budget and prominence however the common denominator in all of them was success.

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