Technology Support

Do it yourself?  Out-source? Deciding how to provide, support and manage your IT infrastructure is a continuing challenge for organisations of all sizes. With recommendations (often conflicting) coming thick and fast from both your internal staff and your prospective or incumbent suppliers it is often difficult to obtain an objective view.

We are currently responsible for the support of a multitude of scenarios from home users to small-to-medium businesses. Offering services delivered by trained, qualified and experienced professionals we handle one-off requests as well as service level agreements.

In recent years our team specialised in technology related services some of which are:

  • Equipment preventive maintenance
  • Equipment troubleshooting and repairs
  • Re-installations
  • De-bugging and attack recovery
  • Hosting and web services support
  • User support (remote/on-site)
  • Training
  • Data Recovery

Get in touch with us with your requirements and we guarantee that either us or one of our business partners will be able to provide you with a solution to your issue.